"If everything seems under control, you are not going fast enough." - Mario Andretti

Who we are

Commercial Advisory is a specialised management consultancy based in Munich, Germany. We give strategic advice to small and medium-sized companies and support private equity investors in strategic investment decision making. We make our customers faster, better and more profitable.

Our industry focus is on industrial products (e.g. metal processing), construction industry, business services, consumer & retail as well as digital business models.

Commercial Advisory conducts strategic analyses of markets, competition and customers. We collect data, create market models, calculate market sizes and conduct customer satisfaction surveys. The heart of our work is the collection of primary data via interviews with industry experts.

In the context of commercial due diligence projects, we review the strategic positioning of the target company and the sustainability of the business model. We validate the business plan taking the market development, the competitive environment and the customer dynamics into account. We identify possible dealbreaker (“red flags”) early on in the process.

What we do