Customer Referencing

“Quality means that the customers return and not the products.” – Dr. Schreiber

Customer ReferencingA customer-oriented organisation places customer satisfaction at the center of its business decisions. However, in particular small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) still have a strong focus on products and technology.

As part of our Customer Referencing approach, Commercial Advisory helps you to identify the potentials of your customers and to evaluate their satisfaction.

Commercial Advisory is specialized on conducting comprehensive customer satisfaction surveys amongst relevant decision makers in sales and marketing. Quantitative and qualitative data is analysed in detail and sound recommendations are derived. Typical customer requests are:

  • Identification of growth potentials amongst existing customers
  • Supporting new customer acquisitions and winning back customers
  • Development of market entry strategies and “follow your customer” strategies
  • Optimisation of the existing product and service portfolio and launch of new products and services
  • Expansion of product and service offering (outside the current core business)
  • Improvement of “conversion rates”
  • Optimisation of the sales structures and processes

Commercial Advisory helps customers to quantify and increase its share of wallet amongst existing customers taking customer profitability into account.

Commercial Advisory Unternehmensberatung gives honest advice and provides clear answers to pre-defined questions. We are a trusted partner of SME and private equity investors. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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